Collection: Personal Care

You may have everything you need for your facial skincare routine, but what about your body? The skin on your body needs treating just as much as the skin on your face, and our bath products and body care range are packed full of everything you need for a true pamper session. Explore korean shampoo and bath products to help you relax and unwind, then create a luxurious routine with the most innovative Japanese and Korean beauty body care must-haves. Our collection has everything you could possibly need to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing at all times.

Choose deliciously scented korean shampoo and bath products, then treat yourself with a range of body care options including body lotions, hand creams, and foot peel masks. From toning body serum through to oil-based hair mask and body treatments, each product offers a little touch of pampering luxury that will make them firm go-to’s in your collection.