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Vampire Plla Jelly Mask

What is a Hydro Jelly Mask?

Jelly Mask Powder when mixed with water produces a soft, vacuum-like seal over the face that deeply hydrates and pushes nourishing ingredients into the skin within 15-20 minutes

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Yoni Mask Set

Vajacial Jelly Mask Peel-Off Bikini, 24K Gold Gel Collagen Crystal Bikini Mask for Ingrown Hair with Yoni Soap and/or Yoni Soap Bar.

  • Hydrating Leg Wraps for Crepey Legs Skin Spa Treatment

    Hydrating Leg Wraps for Crepey Legs Skin Spa Treatment For Knee Ankle Leg Swelling Relief, Ankles & Feet Socks For Dry Cracked Feet, Moisturizing Leg Relax Therapy & Gold Gel Collagen Crystal Mask

  • Peel Off Glitter Facial mask

    Peel Off Glitter Facial mask, Peel Off Moisturizing Face Mask: Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Removes Blackheads & Dirt and Oil, Repairs Uneven Skin Tone.

  • Egyptian Rose Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

    Carbonated Bubble Clay Korean Mask for the Face| Facial Mask Skin Care: Bubble Face Sheet Mask for Whitening, Firming, Moisturizing & Hydrating Collagen Repairing Face Mask

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