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Chamomile Jelly Mask For Face Care, Jelly Peel Off Masks for Facials

Chamomile Jelly Mask For Face Care, Jelly Peel Off Masks for Facials

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Jelly Mask For Face Care, Jelly Peel Off Masks for Facials 5.3 Oz | Peel Off Hydro Jelly Mask Powder, Moisturizing, Bri

Regulate your skincare routine by using these facial masks Beauty Products in the convenience of your home.

Keep your skin soft & refreshed with a soothing & glowing cleansing face mask that reveals healthy, glowing skin underneath. The facial mask exfoliates blackheads, impurities, dirt, acne, excess oil & reduces pore size.

Deeply cleansing and purifying action help reduce fine lines and wrinkles making skin appear smooth and subtle.

Our pore cleansing mask works to exfoliate your skin by drawing out impurities to the surface of your skin. The mask unclogs pores while its calming properties soothes and renews the skin to a youthful, lustrous complexion.

The gel face mask is infused with natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free organic ingredients for all skin types.

As the crystal powder form mixes with water, it forms jelly that is applied to the face, neck & body. After 15-20 minutes the cleansing face mask solidifies creating a silky soft, vacuum-like seal over the skin.

* Full Coverage Jelly Facial Mask:Mix The Jelly Facial Mask Powder And The Hyaluronic Acid Essence Or Water Together, And Apply It Evenly to Every Part of The Facial Skin, It Can Creates An Occlusive Moisturization Layer Pushing All Beneficial Nutrients Deeply Into The Skin Which Increases The Jelly Facial Mask. Feel The Skin Improvement By This Jelly Mask.

* Jelly Mask Function: Moisturizing Jelly Facial Masks Soft Film Organic Mask Powder that Brightens And Tightens The Skin, has Anti-Oxidants & Anti-aging properties, oil absorbing, Prevents Dullness, Instant Hydration, Improving Skin Tone, Shrinking Pores, Removing Blackheads, Diminishing Fine Lines & Wrinkles & brightening pigmentation.

* Usage Occasion:This Jelly Facials Mask Powder Hyaluronic Acid Essence Extract Moisturization Facial Spa Masghtening & Hydrating Face Mask Skin Care Products

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