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Hairline Powder Instantly Conceals Hair Loss, Root Touch Up Hair Powder

Hairline Powder Instantly Conceals Hair Loss, Root Touch Up Hair Powder

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Production License: Jingzhuang20160015

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 3.5g

Item Type: Hair Loss Product

2 Colors for You

(1) Brown Black: suitable for black, dark brown hair color, undyed hair;
(2) Coffee Brown: suitable for brown, light hair color, dyed hair;


Net Content: 3.5g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Applicable People: with low hair volume, posterior hairline, and uneven hair.

Efficacy: modify the hairline, easy to use, create a full hairstyle.

Waterproof Hairline Powder for These Problems

(1) Forehead vacancy
(2) Thinning Hair
(3) Too Big Forehead

Natural Plant Extracts

(1) Ginger root oil: improve oily skin, improve oily scalp and hair;
(2) Mica: delicate and silky, free from peeling off, fine and silky powder, long lasting;


*Tear off the internal protective film before use, cover the lid and shake it gently, and slap it on the hair that needs to be modified.
1. Confirm the position to be modified.
2. Along the direction of the hairline, gently pat and apply a small amount several times.
3. Gently tap the place to be applied with the powder puff.
4. Beautify the hairline, fill in the hair gaps, and create a sense of full hair volume.

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