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5 in 1 EMS RF Facial Massager with 4D Massage Head Home Use Facial Device

5 in 1 EMS RF Facial Massager with 4D Massage Head Home Use Facial Device

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Weight: 115g

Type: Facial Massager

Size: 43.8*161.5*73.5mm

Size: 43.8*161.5*73.5mm

Rated power: 5w

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Experience the benefits of a professional facial massage from the comfort of your own home with our 5 in 1 EMS RF Facial Massager. This home use facial device features advanced EMS and RF technology, combined with a 4D massage head, to improve skin texture, promote blood circulation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. With multiple massage modes and intensities, you can customize your massage to your liking for a spa-like experience every time.

* 4 massage heads, like fingers imitating work of skilled massager, bring perfect comfort and joy to your facial skin.
* Effective EMS and RF, proved by waveform standard, help lift facial skin, recall your true youth.
* 5 modes of LED phototherapy, relieve different kind of skin problem.
* Product appearance was designed by famous French company Millot, cute and easy to hold in hand.
* Massage, EMS, RF and LED, 4 functions in 1 device, what all you need is just in this "portable mini beauty salon".
* USB battery charging, convenient to take where you go, take good care of your facial skin anytime and anywhere.

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