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Electric Air Pressure Head Massager Headache Massage Band Migraine Pain Relief Head Belt Airbag Insomnia Therapy Sleeping Aid

Electric Air Pressure Head Massager Headache Massage Band Migraine Pain Relief Head Belt Airbag Insomnia Therapy Sleeping Aid

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control mode: Button type

Warm Compress:: Help Deep Sleeping

Usage Mode: Electric

Stress Relief Health Care:: Massage Your Head Every Time

Product category: Head massage belt

Principles of Massage:: Air Pressure

Power mode: Charging

Origin: Mainland China

Migraine Relief:: Stress relief

Material: Composite Material

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Intelligent Head Massager:: Air Pressure Electric Head Massager

Hot compress:: Release Pain From Illness

Head, Hand, Leg Stress Relaxing:: Relieve headaches

Head Scalp Massage:: for Deep Sleeping

Head Massager:: Birthday gift selection

Gear: 3rd gear

Fcuntion5: Improve Sleep

Fcuntion4: Insomnia Relax

Fcuntion3: Headache and Migraine Relief

Fcuntion2: Air Bag Massage

Fcuntion1: Head Massager

Brand Name: MOKARLE

Application: Head

【Airbag Contraction and Compression】
With a Warm Compress, Relaxing Head Nerves, Soft and Painless: Our massage headset uses airbag contraction and compression, unlike other traditional electric massagers, you will not feel any foreign body sensation and pain, but a very gentle, full contact without burden. You will be fully relaxed under a gentle fingertip massage.
【3 massage modes】
Automatic Hands-free Massage, no need to plug in, massage is not limited by time and place, you can massage your head while lie on the sofa reading or watching videos in the office,at home or even in the bathroom.3 massage modes, simulating different massage techniques, 3 kinds of massage intensity optional, different alternating strength let your head get deep relaxation.Weak, neutral and strong, you can massage with your own intensity.
【Lightweight & Removable, Relaxation anytime and anywhere】
Unlike other massagers that are bulky and heavy,which is not easy to carry. This electric head scalp massager can be detached, so you can easily carry it with the luggage when you travel. It is easy to disassembly and installation.
You can massage not only the head, but also the calves, arms, and feet. If you always work under the air conditioning, keeping the same posture for a long time will make your legs swell. And heavy chores will make you tired, this air massage headset will solve all your worries. Continuous push massage through multiple airbags, according to ergonomics, can effectively relieve muscle fatigue, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness so that you can gain more energy and creativity.
【Your Personal Masseur & Ideal Gift】: With this atomatic massager you can get a massager right in the comfort of your own home.You don't need to spend expensive expenses to enjoy a more free massage, which is the best gift for the yourself, as well as for family, friends and colleagues.


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