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Aloe Vera Paraffin Wax For Feet Booties At Home Spa

Aloe Vera Paraffin Wax For Feet Booties At Home Spa

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5 treatments per/pair of paraffin wax feet booties! Make it a home spa treatment experience without the mess of a wax machine. 100% pure paraffin hand and foot treatments offer therapeutic, deep moisturizing effect to heal dry, cracked skin with relief for sore joints, Arthritis and muscle pain.

Paraffin wax is infused with a blending of oils that not only moisturize the skin but also contain rejuvenating properties. Our paraffin is a completely refined FDA grade of paraffin made in the USA.

* Step 1. Clean hands or socks and open the package,
* Step 2. Place the paraffin wax booties in boiled hot water basin for 3-5 minutes until melted.
* Step 3. Thermo chromic label on the sock will help you find the suitable temperature. When the label turns red, it means the current temperature is very high and not suitable for use till it turns to black color, which means it's ready for use.
* Step 4. Test the wax to be sure it is the right comfortable temperature. Cut the gloves or socks with scissors.
* Step 5: Wear socks, fit your feet or hands with wax closely by smoothing the surface of your gloves, wait for about 15-20 minutes.
* Step 6: Take off the wax, massage until the essential oils are fully penetrated into the skin. No need to wash your feet after the Paraffin wax treatment.

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