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Volcanic Oil Absorbing Roller & Cooling Facial Roller

Volcanic Oil Absorbing Roller & Cooling Facial Roller

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Reusable, on-the-go oil-absorbing roller made from real volcanic stone instantly absorbs excess oil on the go, on the skinch Unlike blotting papers that are single-use and then thrown away, our oil-absorbing roller is re-usable and easy to wash.

The volcanic oil control stone washing suggestion: 1, Wash it after 3-4 times use 2, Wash With warm water and facial milk can achieve a better cleaning effect 3, Air dry after washing is important Description Removes Oil & Shine: Like blotting paper, but better.

Oil-Absorbing Face Roller is made of natural Volcanic. Its unique is absorb excess oil and mattify your skin instantly. More Effective, More Natural, More Convenient than normal blotting paper sheets. Reusable & Washable: Reusable and Environmental friendly.
To clean, twist ring and pull out the stone. Wash with gentle cleanser, rinse, air-dry, and pop it back in. Fits for skin types: This Volcanic Face Roller ideal for normal, oily, and combination skin. Makeup Sponge: This well-designed makeup sponges set to create gorgeous natural beauty makeup. Perfect for anyone on the go.

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