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Eyebrow Lips Tattoo Permanent Makeup Tattoo ink Pigment Cosmetic Natural Microblading Color pigment

Eyebrow Lips Tattoo Permanent Makeup Tattoo ink Pigment Cosmetic Natural Microblading Color pigment

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Aimoosi international lasting cosmetics brand was founded in 2015 by Guangzhou Xiufangyuan beauty equipment Co.,Ltd.
The is headquartered in Guangzhou, China.
Aimoosi brand focuses on medical safety cosmetic products. It is an international cosmetic brand with medical safety qualification.
Product positioning in the global high-end cosmetic market, all products by Europe and the United States imported raw materials.
Aimoosi brand agents throughout the country 22 provinces and cities.
As well as Taiwan, Hongkong, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Britain, Portugal, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.
The year sales have exceeded 60 million.

*Strictly adopt plant materials in AOC planting area, extract plant pigments layer by layer, and reconcile through 25 advanced techniques. Molecular particles are smaller, more delicate, easier to color, the color is fuller and fuller.

*Easy to operate, color positive. manual pen and machine are operational.

*GMP standard aseptic filling technology, to prevent second-ary pollution pigment.

*Pigments are the best organic pigments on the market until now, 100% essence of pure plant estracts.


They are made from rubbing and pure in mountain delicately with exquisite luster and sterling color but never turn color.

Make chromatic more quality and the color keep more durable,

They will make the skin seems to have three-dimensional effect after dual chromatication if put a little concertrated liquid into the colors.

Packing :This product is 3ml, one bottle can be used for three people

You may hooked on Aimoosi pigment by five reasons

1.100% Brand New and High Quality
2.All the pigment neither Layer nor fade.
3.One gram pigment is completely s oluble in water, indicating color up very quickly.
4.Skin easily absorb pigment, no fade after the repair.
5.All pigments sterilized (by gamma rays)

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